Tomorrow’s Dreams

Silver threaded hair hangs low
Over the smooth white basin
Where water free flows
Over gleaming porcelain.
Soft squeeze over toothpaste oozes
Onto a clear blue toothbrush.
It’s night-time again.
And the question hovers:-
Will I be the same tomorrow
As I was today?
Will I eternally meet myself
At this nightly ritual,
Where the mirror returns
My watchful gaze?
Do the unmet reveries of today
Drift through night’s columned portals
Only to become tomorrow’s daytime dreams?



I hear my shallow breathing
Rise and fall in the afternoon light.
I lie motionless.
Only my half-sleeping hearing
Speaks of an outside world
Where cars speed by,
And a solitary dog barks.

And I am weighed down
By circular thoughts
Of weightlessness,
Of divine purpose suspended,
Of an aching eternity
Trapped in a bruised body.


Soul Soars

As an eagle glides above its nest
Somy soul soars.
Like a crimson kite
Moored to the shore.
My spirit binds me to my Maker
With an umbilical cord,
Source of all nourishment
And sweet congress.
In fountained gardens my soul sojourns
Where black tulip and rose entwine
And there in sacred meditation
My soul touches the divine.


The Black Knight And His Queen

The black knight, captive on
Chequered board
Heart seeks his moonlit shining
She smiles mysteriously, full
Mona Lisa mouth.
The Queen holds her place,
Unperturbed by desire’s dance.
“It has changed” she says.

The bonded knight seeks refuge
From overwhelming squares
Of black and white.
The Queen needs no colour.
The knight defines his position.
His black Queen holds her place.